gram and gramps visit!

luke had a great visit with him gram and gramps this month.

and why is it that we always forget to take pictures until the very last minute and then we have pictures that look rushed?!? well, at least we documented the visit!

gotta wear shades.

looking oh so cool in his shades (thanks cousin christian)! doesn't he look like such a big boy with these on?!?

luke's best impersonation of a tough guy taking his glasses off.


dinner and a hat

luke loves to wear hats these days. sometimes after we get home from an outing he wants to keep his hat on. this particular night he even wore it all throughout dinner.


happy st. patty's day from our lucky charm!

luke chooses to only hang around with friends who wear green on st. patty's day!


before bed

luke enjoys taking a spin on his bike before heading off to bed most nights. nothing like a naked bike ride!

and he also loves to take his good friend, Scout, for a walk around the condo.

big shoes to fill...

luke loves to try on daddy's (or anybody's) shoes that he sees in the hallway. he gets such joy out of getting them on his feet and trying to walk around.



luke found his!

notice how he sucked his belly in once he realized the camera was on him! :)


luke is 17 months old! 3.6.11

you make our hearts sing! we love you luke!

things you love to do these days:
*ride this very bike all over the house
*spin around and get dizzy especially when your favorite music is playing
*play with your helicopter toy and watch it follow you as you pull it behind you
*help daddy take out the garbage
*turn light switches on and off
*open and close doors and say "dah" for any word that starts with "d" (includes door, dad, down, dog)
*play ball with daddy - "he shoots. he scores."
*"read" a ton of books a day and point to various objects in the books
*do the sign for banana when you see them sitting on the table and then eat at least one a day
*sing, hum, and dance to your favorite songs from Ralph's World
*point to each of your family members when we ask "where is..." either in person or in photos
*point to your eyes, ears, nose, mouth, belly, toes, head, hair, knees
*walk really fast up and down our long hallway
*play cars and trucks all day

we can't wait to see what you have in store for us next month!


balancing act

eric and i often find ourselves balancing things (stacking cups, books, blocks, etc) on our heads or luke's head when we're playing with him. it's fun for him to come over and knock the object off our heads or for him to knock it off his own. towards the end of dinner tonight, luke demonstrated that he has learned the art of balancing as well. here he is "balancing" the plastic wrapping from a piece of cheese on his head. :) love you, and your funny personality, luke!