happy valentine's day

happy valentine's day! love is really all you need and even luke knows that!

we had to postpone valentine's day this year as our little household came down with a bad stomach bug that affected all three of us at different times over the course of several days. on valentine's day itself, eric slept all day, while luke and i lounged around trying to relax and slowly get back into the swing of things. eric was the last one afflicted but it seems like it hit him the hardest. so, our v-day this year was a little different than we imagined, but we're all better and that's what matters. :)

luke posing with his card (he is really into penguins right now) and his new books. him laying down was the only way i could get him to pose for the camera.

and just because i like to look back in picture time, this was valentine's day last year. seeing these side by side makes me realize how much luke has changed over the last year.


saying goodbye to great grandma j

great grandma j passed away on february 4th after 93 years of life in this world. we were so very sad to hear the news, but we know that she loved jesus and she has gone to be with the Lord.

we made the 6 hour drive to osceola, iowa to attend her funeral services over the weekend. while it was a sad time, it was also a wonderful time spent with the johnson family. there were tears, laughter, great conversation, and plenty of liverpool rummy playing.

we're so happy that she and luke were able to spend some time with each other back in september.

you are dearly loved and dearly missed, grandma j.



chicago blizzard 2011

we had quite the blizzard blow through town these last 48 hours. we hunkered down for the majority of the time, but ventured out for just a little bit so we could get an up close and personal look. these are the times that we are very happy to live in a condo in the city. no shoveling or snow blowing to be done! we could enjoy the snow without dreading the grunt work.

luke and daddy working from home.

out to the streets we go.