scooter time

once again, the weather was so warm today that we got a chance to be outside enjoying the weather. luke is really enjoying riding his scooter and bikes around our court. we are practicing our street safety and look both ways when we cross the street. he basically just shakes his head to both sides and then goes. it's a start!


Luke is our Valentine

every day of the year, but especially today.


gearing up to be a big brother

The hospital where baby brother will be born offers a "Super Big Brother" class for kiddos who are preparing to be older siblings. This was a great class and it was so cute to see Luke in action as he gears up to be a big brother. He loved holding the baby and learning how to change the baby's diaper. Class or no class, we know Luke is going to be a terrific big brother. We are excited to see him transition into his new role.

Super big brother, super big cheesy smile.

Changing baby's diaper. Should be interesting to see if he has any desire to help once baby brother arrives!