Thanksgiving 2011

Happy Thanksgiving! We enjoyed a great brunch meal at Grandpa Frank and Grandma Kathy's and then a nice turkey dinner at the Orozco household. This year we were able to take a "nap break" between Thanksgiving meals since we live so close to everyone now - it was wonderful!! And we're excited to see what Thanksgiving looks like next year with another little Johnson boy in the mix. :)


Baby J #2 is a...

When we were pregnant with Luke, we decided not to find out his gender until his birthday. It was such a wonderful surprise and I thoroughly enjoyed being the one to announce the "it's a boy" news in the delivery room and to all of our parents right after he was born. This time around we decided to find out the baby's gender at the mid-point of the pregnancy, but I still wanted the element of surprise involved. So, this is where we called in my mom. We invited my mom to come with us to our 20-week ultrasound and she is the only one that walked away with a slip of paper revealing the gender. She then did a little shopping and wrapping and we all sat down together to learn the baby's gender. Here is how it went down in photos.

Quick family photo before finding out if we were on team pink or team blue (for the record, I thought boy and Eric thought girl).

Blue!! It's a boy!! So excited to be surrounded by boys!! A girl's dream. Baby Boy is due 3/26/12.

Luke is gearing up for his role as big brother!

Watching over his little brother's bunny.


Halloween 2011

The great pumpkin carving for Halloween 2011 begins. Luke really got into it this year and loved looking for the seeds in the pumpkin and feeling the gooshy-ness of the pumpkin's insides. Then he enjoyed helping Daddy carve some fun faces to make it into a jack-o-lantern.

Notice any resemblance?!? :)

And then Halloween night was a whole new experience for Luke. This year he wore a special costume - a leopard costume that is 35+ years old. Luke's Gram made it for his Uncle Mike when he was a little boy. It was a perfect fit! Not to mention that Luke looked super cute! Here he is collecting some of his loot!

Enjoying a cherry lollipop for the first time ever!

And a special little video of Luke on Halloween night! Enjoy!!