other luke happenings...

daddy's good friend jeff fischer, who now lives in nyc, and his sweet fiance, lauren, were in chicago for their engagement party. they stopped by to say hello to luke and spend some time with him. luke really enjoyed their visit and gave out some big smiles.

luke is constantly discovering new things in the comfort of his living room floor. the other day, i caught him playing with his playmat, however, he had pulled it over himself and was playing underneath it instead of on top of it! things are only going to continue to get more interesting, i'm sure.

our sweet luke in his pj's. we love waking up to that smile.

good eats

now that luke is 6 months old, he gets to start eating solid foods. we just started this past week on some rice cereal. so far he seems to really be enjoying it. also, please note...luke's first time with solids was on cub's opening day. go cubs go!

here comes the airplane...

messy, but good!

all gone?!?

luke is 6 months old! 4.6.10

luke is officially 1/2 a year old! we cannot believe our sweet little boy has been in our lives for 6 months already. where has the time gone? we could not be more blessed to call him our son. he continues to do so well and is a very healthy little guy. he now has two teeth on the bottom and rolls everywhere to get his toys. he is constantly entertaining us with his sense of discovery and laughter!

here are luke's stats from his six-month pediatrician appointment:
weight: 17 lbs, 2 ounces
height: 27.5 inches

our happy lqj!

luke's 1st easter

luke had a great first easter. he dressed up for the special day in his very first button down blue gingham shirt (that matches daddy's shirt of course). we attended our church's saturday evening easter service so we could make sure to get out to schaumburg for our all-day easter celebration. we spent the morning at grandma kathy and grandpa frank's house for brunch and then headed to aunt christine and tio's house for an evening celebration with grandma linda and grandpa tony. as always, we stuffed ourselves, but we had a nice day celebrating jesus' resurrection. and the abnormally warm weather was an added bonus.

luke's first easter basket filled with fun treats that will usher him into a new milestone of solids (more to come on that).

luke's easter egg hunt this year was rather easy. :)

family shot on easter sunday.