blueberries, cheese, and cheerios. oh my!

just to name a few of luke's favorite foods! he's getting quite proficient at self-feeding these days. he LOVES to eat and now he's got 7 teeth (3 top, 4 bottom) to help him along (i just found his two newest ones on the bottom today)!


please don't stop the music

luke loves his wiggle worms class and the opportunity to play the guitar at the end of class. we just finished up the summer session, but signed up for the fall semester. let's keep the music alive!


you know you live in the city when...

we are trying to teach luke some sign language as we go about our day to help him be able to communicate more. most of the time the sign language is focused around eating (since luke does a lot of that), but today we were at the park taking our daily swing, and luke took some interest in a nearby pigeon (also known as a rat with wings - i have a strong dislike for pigeons). since we really hadn't seen a bird together recently, i decided to suck it up and make the sign for bird every time the pigeon walked by (eww, gross). only in the city would i need to do that to help expand his vocabulary! i'm still kinda grossed out by it.

luke says "hi" while spending time doing is favorite summer activity.


luke is 10 months old! 8.6.10

so we now have a little boy who is in the double-digits! happy 10 months mr. luke!

luke has a new toy!

since luke is getting more mobile these days (cruising the furniture and pushing diaper boxes around the house) we thought he was ready for an actual push toy! apparently he knew just what to do! enjoy!