more ice cream

luke has definitely caught on to this thing called "ice cream" since his first taste back at the end of may. and for the record, he ate this whole cone (minus a few licks from daddy as we had to control the melting).


good friends, good times, and luke's first boat trip

we spent the weekend up in menomonee falls, wisconsin with some of my high school/college and post-college roommates. we had such a great time cruising okauchee lake during the day and a fun night grilling out and catching up.

captain brian at the helm.

chef meghan who made the most amazing french onion dip that luke absolutely loved!

kim and mitch (aka mr. hawaii) HI! :)

luke hanging out on the boat eating green peppers drenched in french onion dip of course!

luke was the only one who wanted to take a dip in the lake, so his parents did too (welcome to the world of parenthood where you do stuff that you don't want to just because your kid does). boy, was that water cold!!

bye bye swim suit, hello birthday suit! drying off.

luke and his new friend, eloise (6 months old)!


father's day 2011

we had a great day celebrating eric's second father's day. luke was definitely more involved in this year's celebration.

helping daddy open his gift.

forehead kisses.

enjoying breakfast together.

and now enjoying the art of drinking out of matching Jayhawk's cups!

a little father/son park time!

happy father's day to "boppa" frank too!

my boys.

shootin' hoops at the orozco household!

and just in case you missed it...luke digs his dad.


playground fun!

we typically visit several parks around the city each week. this is one of our favorites and luke definitely feels "at home" here. he's a busy, sweaty kid at the playground.

steppin' out on the scary drop-off ledge that always gives mom and dad a quick panic attack.

on the big kid swings with daddy.

nothing like a good teeter-totter ride.

playin' some b-ball outside of school.

eyeing up the competition.

taking a break and showing off for the ladies.

throwing dirt and sticks down the water drainage gate to see the water make ripples.

airplane ride!



sesame street please!!

this is the "sign" that daddy taught luke for when he wants to watch sesame street. now luke walks around all day tugging on his ear. nice one eric...


luke is 20 months old! 6.6.11

"hi, i'm luke and i'm 20 months old!" that makes me one summer away from turning 2! whoa!

things luke is doing at 20 months:
- says "hi" and "bye" very clearly
- says "yeah" and "no" and means it when we ask him questions
- says every color is "boo" when we ask him "what color is this?"
- loves spending time outside and asks to go "side" first thing upon waking up
- holds our hands and drags us everywhere he wants to go
- is still rear facing in his car seat (we've adopted the extended rear facing method and hope to keep him rear facing until he's 2ish)
- still loves to eat raisins
- loves pickles
- dips his hotdog in mustard :)
- new words include saying his version of "please" while also doing the sign. melt your heart!
- tugs on his ear when he wants to watch sesame street (eric taught him this "sign")
- still loves to suck his thumb
- while at the park luke loves to climb on all the equipment, go down all the slides (big and little), play in the dirt, watch the leaves do their "helicopter" thing, play basketball, write with sidewalk chalk, bounce up and down on the teeter-totter
- is constantly red-faced and sweaty at the park when it is a super hot day
- loves forehead to forehead kisses - giving and receiving
- loves wagon rides
- enjoys playing in the bathtub during "water play" our new term for a bath during the heat of summer
- asks people to sit down by pointing to the couch, chair, etc.
- likes sesame street music videos (adam sandler, jason mraz, feist, will.i.am and "i love my hair")
- loves babies and makes the sign for baby while saying "baby"
- is very tickle-ish like his momma and says "no" with a smile on his face when you tickle his belly, neck or feet
- and still loves flags (zaza) and can't get enough of them

can't wait to see what you have in store for us over this next month luke! we love you!!