1st haircut

we finally took luke to get his first haircut. i had been a little reluctant to get it cut because i was afraid that we'd lose his great curl (and i wasn't quite ready to let go of his babyhood), but i think we may have waited a little too long. even the person who cut his hair said now he wouldn't get mistaken for a girl!

before: curly, and unruly, luke

during: unsure, but distracted, luke

after: clean cut luke


quite the ham

once again, just a little saturday hijinx. luke is becoming quite the ham and finds silly things funny (kinda like his momma!)


bath time fun

luke loves bath time these days especially if he's able to bring in one (or two) of his trucks.


where's luke?

luke loves a friendly game of peek-a-boo on a lazy, pj clad, saturday morning. "where's luke?" is a staple of our every day.


luke is 15 months old! 1.6.11

luke is now 15 months old! he had his 15 month check-up yesterday and here are his stats:
weight: 22 lbs, 12 ounces
height: 32 inches
he's not off the charts in height or weight, but he continues to grow like a weed. he has been fighting sickness after sickness this winter, so that's been hard on him, but he continues to be his happy self throughout it.


swinging with gram

Luke loved that it was warm enough to go for a swing before heading back to Chicago.


luke and his buddy will

Our good friends, Brian, Katie and Will, traveled from Greenville to Athens for a visit on New Year's Eve. We just love spending time with them and watching the boys play together.

Best buds.

They grocery shop together.

They write each other emails.

And they play trains together.

Like I said, best buds.

happy new year from the jerksons!

We celebrated New Years Eve this year around a campfire making s'mores! Yum!

Luke enjoyed his first s'more (minus the chocolate Uncle Mike!).

...for auld lang syne! CHEERS!

Happy New Year!