luke's georgia trip

luke and his momma had a great trip down to georgia last week to visit his gram, gramps, uncle mike, aunt stephanie and his three girl cousins - makayla, anna and ella. the warm southern weather provided a much needed break from the chicago winter and we enjoyed seeing the daffodils blooming. hopefully that means spring is around the corner for all of us in chicago too. here are some snapshots from the week.

luke flew the friendly skies for the first time in his life. he was such a good boy and didn't cry too much (wish we could say that about the ride home though - with a three hour delay, he was overtired and fighting sleep. i was that mom with a crying baby. oh well, at least it was only a 1.5 hour flight).

luke getting some lovin' from the girls (left to right - makayla, ella and anna).

luke enjoying a bedtime story with his gram.

luke's first time in a swing. he wasn't quite sure what to think of it, but we do know that he loved being outside without a hat on!

luke's buddy, will, and will's momma, katie, made a special trip from greenville, sc for a visit. we had such a great time catching up and trading "raising boys" stories. will is just four days older than luke and they are both about the same size and have a lot in common. this picture was taken during the few minutes that the boys were awake at the same time.

luke and his gram having fun on the floor playing.

"cowboy luke" and "cowboy gramps" having a good ol' time ropin' and ridin.' a fun time to be had in the early morning while still wearing pjs!


luke is 5 months old! 3.6.10

here's our happy 5 month old! he is getting so big.

luke and his momma are headed to georgia next weekend to visit gram and gramps and the georgia kinfolk! wish us luck on luke's first airplane ride. we will have a great update with new pictures of our adventures when we return.


luke laughing

apparently luke likes to go into the office with his daddy. he finds the office setting quite funny.

enjoy the best sound ever!


i just adore how luke sucks his thumb and how cute he is when he does it. i know i won't be saying this when he's five and still sucking it, but it is just so adorable to me now.

the many faces of luke on a lazy afternoon

luke is officially off his medicine!

february 24th marked a momentous occasion in the johnson household. luke's last dose of his anti-seizure medication. he is officially off his meds and is doing great!
good riddance to the nightly ritual of warming a little bit of milk and adding the dose of phenobarbital.

luke is very happy to say good-bye to the pheno.

getting cozy by the fire

for our birthdays this year, eric and i decided to get gas logs for our fireplace! looks like we're all enjoying the new warmth they bring to our home on a cold winters night.
luke finally met his momma's friend dan a couple of weeks ago. it had been a long time coming and we're so glad he and his girlfriend, julie, stopped by.

luke checks out his buddy grant

the bowman family came over a couple of weekends ago for a visit. luke was very interested in his buddy grant and checked him out.

luke getting up close and personal with grant.

even though he wasn't quite sure what to do, grant was such a patient little guy. i love this questionable look on grant's face! :) what a cutie-pie.

luke's 1st valentine's day!

luke was someone's valentine this year! his adoring parents got him two new books to add to his collection! we think giving books to our valentines will become a new valentine's day tradition to carry through the years in the johnson household. luke also received books from his great grammie and from the orozco family. looks as though we have a theme here.