eeg results = NORMAL!!!

so, we just heard back from luke's neurologist late this afternoon (probably two hours after i made the post below) and we found out that luke's eeg results came back NORMAL! we couldn't be happier and we praise the lord for this wonderful news. now we have a schedule of how to slowly wean luke off of his anti-seizure medication. it will take 4 total weeks, but by the end of february he'll be off of it completely. of course, this means we'll be watching him like a hawk to make sure he doesn't have any seizures as the dose gets smaller, but we like to watch him closely anyways. :)

luke's repeat eeg

yesterday (1.27.10), luke had his repeat brain eeg just down the street from us at children's memorial hospital. this eeg is to see whether or not luke has any abnormal brain activity still occurring. if the test comes back clean, then his neurologist will work with us to help wean him off of his nightly dose of anti-seizure medication.

luke was scheduled for a sleep deprived eeg, so we had a huge task ahead of us to keep him up for awhile before the test at 8:45 am. we were directed to get him up at 5:00am and to keep him awake until the test, so he could fall asleep pretty quickly once all hooked up. eric did a great job of keeping him awake as they watched the KU/Missouri game from monday night that was recorded on our dvr. that was a special treat for luke as he doesn't get to watch much tv, so he was more than happy to stay awake.

once at the hospital, he did such a good job of being patient and still while the technician put the electrodes onto his head with some sticky goo (which he still has in his hair). then once he was all hooked up it was "go time" and he was supposed to fall asleep. well, that took a little bit of time since he was overtired, but then he fell asleep and took at 30 minute nap while the eeg did its thing. after the procedure, we all came home and luke took at three hour nap and then a one hour nap later in the day to make up for all the lost sleep. i think he's still even making up for it today as he's napped pretty well today (and he's typically a bad day time napper).

we are certainly anxiously awaiting the test results and were told that we should hear something sometime next week. we pray for a clean read and that we are able to start weaning luke from his medicine. please keep luke and the test results in your prayers.

eric and luke trying watching the ku/missouri game. as you can see, luke is totally zoned out, but awake! and eric, well, he's got a bad case of bed head. love you ej!! :)

our little luke all hooked up to the electrodes and sleeping peacefully. we sure hope this is the last time he has to go through this.

luke back home. rested. and playing!


He rolls folks!

So, as of today, Luke rolls over from his back to his tummy! As part of Luke's physical therapy, we put him on each of his sides during floor playtime in order to get a good mid-line pose where he brings both hands together. Well, Eric worked with him a lot over the weekend, and today he was showing off for me and rolled completely over on his own! Luke loves his new found talent so much, that as soon as we place him on the floor on his back, he goes right to his tummy! Now, if only he could get better at rolling back onto his back from his tummy. He seems to get stuck on his tummy sometimes and then isn't sure what to do. But this should make diaper changes interesting from here on out!

Enjoy the video (and forgive the silly mommy talk in the background)!

Luke is 3 months old! 1.6.10

I know this way late, but I had to post Luke's 3-month picture. Here he is! He's getting so big and strong and holds his head up on his own. He even knows how to show you he's 3 months old - displaying the right number of fingers. He's definitely smarter than the average bear! ;)


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We're all caught up now, right? Just kidding of course! Here is a rewind of the last month of Luke's life (sorry it's been so long). Start from the very bottom and work your way up for everything to be in sequence.

Now, after Luke's first 16 hour road trip, his first Christmas, his first cough and cold (that he caught from his cousin Ella), his first laugh (we think out of deliriousness from riding in the car from Athens to Bowling Green, KY), he is finally back home in Chicago and a happy boy!

Luke's first college visit to UGA. Albeit, 17 years too early, but why not, right? Perhaps he could come here on a basketball scholarship the way he keeps growing (wishful thinking by some proud parents of course)!

The Johnson and Bridges family portrait. My, how life has changed since our Costa Rica trip last March. (Notice how both boys have on different outfits than the previous picture? Let's just say that these boys know how to drool, spit-up and blow through clothes!)

On December 27th, the Bridges family came from Greenville, SC for a visit. Luke finally got to meet his buddy Will for the first time! Will and Luke are only 4 days apart in age.

Finding his trusty thumb after a long day of celebration.

Gramps plays a tune on his harmonica for Luke. Luke also heard many cowboy tales while he spent time with his Gramps.

And this was the view we had from the other side of the table. :)

Luke celebrated his mommy's (12/26) and daddy's (1/4) birthdays in style with birthday hats. Kathryn picked them out for everyone to wear and they sure were a hit! When was the last time YOU wore a cone birthday hat?

Mike made this great s'more for his little sister. Oh, and Luke is showing off one of his Christmas gifts from Santa - his blue bear hat! He definitely needs this in Chicago.

The day after Christmas, we all gathered around a camp fire to celebrate the birthday kids (Kristin and Eric) and did s'mores outside! We had to bundle up Georgia style, but it was so worth it!

Luke hanging out with his Uncle Mike and Aunt Stephanie on Christmas day. Because they have so much experience with little-ones, they were able to give us some techniques on how to soothe little Luke with some anti-gas drops. A big thank you from Luke and his parents!

While Luke didn't get to see Santa, he did get to meet Mrs. Claus on Christmas morning! Oh wait...that's Gram!

Christmas morning. Notice how Luke's parents are all bleary-eyed. He was so excited about his first Christmas that he woke up several times the night before in anticipation. We secretly think he wanted to see Santa again. :)

Luke's first Christmas present that he "opened" on Christmas Eve. He had to have this onesie ready to wear for Christmas day!

Luke's first Christmas Eve celebration with all his family in Georgia. We had a wonderful meal and then we headed off to church right after this picture was taken.

Luke and his Great Grammie from Maine. Luke is able to thank her in person for his first L.L. Bean flannel shirt.

Luke meets his Great Aunt Carla and Great Uncle David who live in Tulsa, OK. And just for the record David, you are not inconsequential!

Luke met his second cousin Kathryn from Tulsa, OK and her baby. We shared stories about our babies and it seems as though both Luke and I need to take some cues from Kathryn and her baby. Her baby sleeps during nap time and through the night already.

Luke and his Uncle Mike! We're not sure if Mike knows what to do with a little boy as he has tons of experience with three little girls, but we still trust him. :)

Luke meets his Georgia cousins in person. Makayla, Ella and Anna (left to right).

It's 4:30 in the morning on Tuesday, December 22nd, and we're loaded up and ready to hit the road. 16 hours later, Luke finally arrives at his Gram and Gramps' home in Athens, GA. He did really well, only cried through Chatanooga and Atlanta, but by that time, we were all very anxious to get out of the car.

The Sunday (12.20.09) before Christmas Luke had a very busy day seeing all his daddy's family.
Luke stops by to see the Orozco family before taking off for Christmas in Georgia.

Luke with Grandma Linda and Grandpa Tony.

Luke had his first Christmas celebration with Grandpa Frank and Grandma Kathy.