yum, ice cream

luke had his first taste of ice cream today. and it wasn't just any ice cream, it was frozen custard from scooter's, our local, mom and pop, frozen custard store just down the street from us. i had tried to give him some ice cream a couple of times before and he just wasn't interested. but now he's changed his tune! he kept reaching for more, saying, nom, nom, nom. i see a lot of ice cream in this kid's future, especially if he's anything like his momma! :)


Georgia in May

luke and i took a trip down to georgia to spend some time with gram, gramps, mike, stephanie, makayla, anna, and ella while eric traveled for work. we had such a great time and luke especially loved being outside every waking minute of the day. the weather definitely cooperated for him as it was sunny and in the 80s every day!

my second mother's day with my little guy! so blessed that he calls me "momma."

hot and red faced from being outside playing with the water table.

diggin' in the sand at the local lake.

after a swim in joyce's pool, luke decided he'd sit still long enough to pose for a group photo with ella, anna and makayla.


luke is 19 months old! 5.6.11

and getting so big! lately, as i've been watching luke play, climb, and discover new things, i realize what a big boy he is getting to be!